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Website "Psychic Readings Live" By-Laws

The following terms shall apply to each participant (Hereinafter: "the User") who are using any service offered on the Website called

A. Introduction:

1. This website is a operated by Telemedia Holding Kft. 1012 Budapest, Márvány u. 17., Company Reg. No: C45064.

2. This website provides astrological and/or esoteric content, reports, information, and access to telephone, live chat and e-mail consultations. Certain premium services may require registration and/or payment. Premium services are available to individuals over the age of 18. In addition, EsoTV does not permit use of the services by residents from countries, states, or provinces where such services are prohibited by law. You certify that the information given to EsoTV on registration is true and complete. EsoTV will not be responsible for any false statements made in registration.

3. The psychic services will be provided personally by the psychics and not by EsoTV. EsoTV does not have any knowledge or psychic ability. The psychic services are for entertainment purposes only. The responsibility of EsoTV is to operate the Website and its services, including enabling the telephone connection between the Users and the psychics. EsoTV and their employees, officers, directors or shareholders are and shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever to any act and/or omission of any psychic, including any words, sayings, suggestions, offers etc. of the psychics, and the User waives all demands against EsoTV in connection thereto. All responsibility to any such acts and/or omissions shall be borne only by the psychics personally.

4. Each User will be presented with a list of psychics to talk to on availability basis at that time, and will be offered to choose with whom to talk.

5. Making a call to the premium rate number the participation in any service offered on the Website is limited to Irish residents 18 years of age and older only with the permission of the phone bill payer. In the absence of the possibility to verify the above details, charges and/or money spent for making calls made by minors and/or in the absence of the consent of the phone bill payer shall not be returned.

6. All calls are logged and all conversations are recorded.

7. Each User may participate in any service offered on the Website and/or make calls as many times he wishes. The phone call will not guarantee that User can talk to the psychic who is on the TV screen.

B. Terms of Participation:

8. The User shall not have any right, including Copyrights and performance rights, , and such rights shall be owned by EsoTV

9. Without derogating from the generality of the abovementioned, EsoTV shall be entitled to make the following uses:

- Recording, imprinting, copying and reusing by any means, including print and saving on film, magnetic means, diskette and digital technology;
- Commercial goals and/or uses;
- Public performance;
- Presentation and/or exhibition, including to the public;
- Addition to the computer memory and/or the computer or a multimedia network (including the internet) and/or saving on any of the above;
- Renting and/or lending;
- Video and/or audio broadcast (including re-broadcasting),, in any form and/or manner, including, but not limited to, landline (including cables) or wireless manner, via a ground based station, transmission via satellite, , internet or other. including in any channel format;

D. Participation & Billing

10. Viewers may call to 1580 999 212 . Calls cost €2.44 per min from an Eircom landline. Calls from mobiles and other networks may cost more. Calls can last till 24,6 minutes as this reach the €60 termination point

Upon calling the User will be provided the following options: To talk live to any available psychic show on the website. It is expressly noted that EsoTV cannot guarantee that a User will talk to his chosen psychic, and the possibility of such conversation depends on availability basis.

The above call cost is applicable from the time the call has been started until the disconnection thereof, including, without limitation, all waiting times (if at all), including if the call was terminated by the User due to unavailability of the chosen psychic.

11. By calling the premium rate number each User undertakes to pay his charges for the calls fully and dully. The client will be charged by the communication providers. Nonpayment of bills may end, inter alia, in prevention of telecommunication services.

12. At the beginning of each call each User is informed about the price, service provider and name of the service.

13. All above costs are VAT inclusive.

F. General

14. EsoTV or anyone on their behalf are not and shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever to the function of the telephone and communication systems including in connection with the premium rate number, Oxygen 8 and/or aggregators and/or cellular and/or long distance telecommunication systems and their operators, and/or the telephone devices and/or the telephone lines, including all the components thereof, and shall not be liable to any failures and/or disturbances to and/or interruptions and/or disconnections in the communication systems and/or to any direct and/or indirect damages, including direct and/or indirect expenses, which may be caused to any person and/or User and/or to any viewer due to any such failures and/or disruption recesses and/or interferences. The abovementioned shall include, but not be limited to, lack of responsibility for questions and/or answers which have been lost, delayed or unfilled as required or for answers or messages which are not received or transmitted. Answers of such kind shall be void. By the law health issues can not be discussed on air. The User waives any claim against EsoTV in connection to any of the above.

15. EsoTV decisions in all matters shall be final and non appealable.

16. Participation in the Website does not require any preliminary undertakings.

17. Personal data such as name. address, telephone number (hereinafter: "Personal Data") provided by the Users and/or which are received with respect to the Users during their connection shall be kept and may be used for quality control by EsoTV and the suppliers and their contractors thereof for the purpose of conducting the Website and EsoTV 's services there under. The registrant agrees that by signing up with ESO.TV, he/she will periodically receive e-mails information from EsoTV

18. EsoTV and/or any person and/or entity on their behalf may transfer the Personal Data to communication and telephone services providers including Oxygen8 Ltd., cellular services, aggregators etc., or to relevant regulatory bodies, the police or authorities conducting investigations, with respect to complaints or suspicion of illegal activity or when asked to do so by the above entities and/or authorities in connection with the billing of the Users within the framework of the Website or EsoTV s services.

19. EsoTV and/or any person or entity on their behalf may use general and/or accumulative data, which is not personal for the purpose of conducting market researches or in the inspection of reviews, developments and improvements for relevant services.

20. Viewers and Users are advised to print these terms and keep them in a safe place.

21. EsoTV reserve the right to stop and/or change the Website at any time, and to change the participation terms and the terms of these by – laws.

22. The laws of the state of Ireland shall exclusively apply to the terns of these By-Laws (and in respect of making calls, participating in the Website and using EsoTV 's services) and they shall be construed exclusively in accordance with the laws of the state of Ireland, and no other law shall apply.

23. The terms are drafted in masculine for the sake of convenience only and apply to the feminine as well.

24. Client service is provided 24 hours 7 days a week by calling the following number for regular fare: 081 844 4338 operating during the TV shows by live operators and off Show hours by an answering machine followed by a callback service. Please provide any question or complaint by using the above numbers.

25. Questions with respect to the Website and services may be sent to the following address:

26. Psychics are independent contractors and are in no way employees of EsoTV. Psychics may provide EsoTV with profile images and written biographies. Where psychics are unable to provide profile images that are appropriate or of sufficient quality, and/or where psychics may wish to protect their privacy, then stock photos or avatars may be used to represent the psychics in their on-line profiles.