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What is ESO.TV?

ESO.TV is the world's leading producer of live, interactive life advice TV shows. Presently we are producing over 750 hours of live shows monthly broadcasted in 14 countries. We grow from month to month.

The shows are produced in our 25 studios in Budapest, Buenos Aires, Hyderabad or Shanghai and are transmitted to you via satellite.

All the shows employ credible native-speaker fortune tellers who are the top of their field in their countries.ESO.TV not only provides help to the viewers who are calling during the shows, but there is a 24 hour service for everyone who needs our experts anytime!

People have always felt the desire of seeing what the future holds for them. The idea of knowing what the future might bring has always fascinated most of us and yet what will happen tomorrow, nobody can know for certain.

The art of divining – the art of knowing the future – is as old as mankind. But even the most famous oracle place of all times, the Apollo sanctuary of Delphi already bore the following legend:


Knowing the future is nothing more than knowing ourselves. Like their past, every single individual holds within himself his own future – but this is not final and determined yet, but flexible and shapeable, if we manage to recognize the major directions and tendencies.

ESO.TV combines the ancient knowledge with the most up-to-date techniques, the lost wisdom of Atlantis with the achievements of the telecommunication and information technology era.

With the help of our expert you may start on the path of knowing your future (and your real self) as you have the opportunity to contact the most excellent fortune tellers, clairvoyants and psychics of the country just by dialing a number.

Health? Financial issues? Relationships? Love?

Whatever it is that you would like to know in order to improve your life – you have come to the right place.

The ESO.TV Shows

The shows offer viewers the possibility of receiving life advices from psychics who excel in various fortune telling methods such as astrology, tarot cards, special psychic tools (e.g. stones, crystal ball), numerology and computer analysis to provide an exciting mixture of content.

Main topics of discussion include love, career and finance which peaks the curiosity of many individuals regarding their future. Viewers who wish to have their fortunes told on live air can call per call charged number displayed on the screen to participate in the show. Viewers who prefer to have a private reading can call the per minute charged number displayed on the screen.

Within this general framework we offer a wide variety of supporting formats: radio, magazine, internet, and mobile content.

In most countries our shows are aired at one of the top 3 TV channels! Our reference list of CallTV and ESO.TVshows includes among others: Telecinco and Cuatro in Spain, ITV Group in the UK, TF1 Group in France, Televisa and TV Azteca in Mexico, TNT and TV3 in Russia, ETV India, ETV and SABC in South Africa, Polsat in Poland, Channel 10 in Israel, CME Group in Croatia, Antena1 in Romania, Czech and Slovenia and the public channels in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya and Cameroon.